"Be Your Own Boss" Preview (Skillfuture Approved)

Sick and tired of working so hard for others?

Ever dreamt of being your own boss but do not know how to?

You are happy working, but as economy looms, you are worried about your career’s future. Do you need a PLAN B?

If your answer is YES, then this program is for you!

“Be-My-Own-Boss” program is an unique series of workshops that train and equip you with a set of tools, techniques and templates to create your own business, develop your service offerings, sell and negotiate with your customers and write your own business plan. In particular, we teach you how to start up your own KNOWLEDGE Business.

If you are a professional, over 40 years old, you are likely to have accumulated a wealth of knowledge. Don’t let it go to waste! Make money from your knowledge, skills and experience. A Knowledge Business requires a low cost and no infrastructure. Keen?

Enrol for these SkillsFuture Credit and WSQ Funded Workshop series:

a. WSQ Innovation: Turning Ideas into Gold
Every business begins with a great idea. Depending on your interest, your strengths, and your industry, you can develop your own “how to be my own boss” innovation statements, brainstorm thousands of ideas within minutes, select your best ideas for implementation. With the ability to generate great ideas, you can spawned off more business ideas or solve your business problems effortlessly.

b. WSQ Sales: Turning Opportunities into Profit
An average salesperson sells the features and benefits of their products or services. A great salesperson creates and sells value to customers. Learn to plot your own business value chain to maximize your value creation process. Learn to create value that satisfy your customers’ and customer’s customers most urgent, most important needs.

c. WSQ Effective Negotiation Skills
To be a great business person, you need to master the art of negotiation. This is an essential skill for you to open, to advance and to close your deals at a price and terms favorable to you. Learn the various negotiation techniques that you can use to turn every negotiation into a win-win situation. Play our unique “It’s a ZOO out there!” game that simulate a dynamic market situation.

d. WSQ Turning Presentation into an ENCORE
The vital time when the rubber meets the road is the time is when you open your mouth to articulate about your company and your products to the customer. Are you able to convince him to open up his wallet within the next 7 minutes? Learn how to wow your audience by presenting your company and your products professionally.

SkillsFuture Credit and WSQ Funded Workshop (subsidy available). Sign up for the FREE Preview today! Light refreshment provided.

Wed Sep 28, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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The Plaza, 7500A Beach Road #12-324, Singapore 199591
Venue Address
The Plaza, 7500A Beach Road #12-324, Singapore 199591 Singapore
Adjacent to Park Royal Hotel (Nicole Highway MRT)
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